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                        As-cast high strength ductile iron products

                        QT 800-5

                        The high-toughness ductile iron at low temperature



                        Serial production of high-performance ductile iron castings

                        ADI CASTINGS

                        FAMED has cooperated with AP Suzhou Manufacturing Co., LTD to produce various ADI castings, such as circular dies, chain wheel, toothed plate and lining plate, etc.

                        The high-toughness ductile iron at low temperature

                        According to the experience of developing the produce for Linde Co. (ductile iron supporting arm) and through the strict control of raw materials, chemical composition, melting temperature, spheroidizing treatment, inoculation, etc., the low temperature(-40 ℃) toughness ductile iron has been successfully developed. The properties achieved from the trial production for more than 20 batches are shown in the following table

                        As-cast high strength ductile iron products (QT 800-5)

                        For the production of high strength ductile iron QT 700-2, QT 800-2 QT 900-2, the heat treatment method is used. In order to reduce energy consumption, FAMED has developed as-cast high strength ductile iron 800-5 based on the pinch roller parts requirement for biomass machine. Through careful selection of raw materials and strict control of ingredients, chemical composition and spheroidizing treatment(Cover package spheroidizing), the specific requirememt of as-cast high strength ductile iron QT800-5 has been achieved.